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Saving My Love

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♡lizzy's journal♡
30 rock, 90's pop, adam lambert, american idol, angel/spike, animal rights, arrested development, asperger's syndrome, autism, back to the future, big love, billy/joey, bones, borderline personality disorder, brennan/booth, brian/angela, brittany/santana, broadway, castiel/dean, chase/zoey, chris colfer, chris pine/zachary quinto, chris/cathy, chuck/ellie, chuck/serena, classic rock, coffee, cracked.com, crystal bowersox, cupcakes, dally/johnny, danny/adam, david/selena, dean/sam, derek/casey, doink doink, dolphins, dyscalculia, ellen degeneres, ethan/marnie, fanfiction, femslash, finn/puck, fonzie/richie, france, fred/george, frodo/sam, full house, george/ringo, glee, glee!, gordo/lizzie, grey cats, guide dogs, h.h.holmes, hermione/ron, holmes/watson, horror movies, house/wilson, huffington post, icarly, jack/liz, james mcavoy, jared padalecki, jedediah/octavius, jeff/annie, jensen ackles, jesus christ superstar, joe/jerry, joe/nick, joey/phoebe, john/paul, joick, jon stewart/stephen colbert, justin/alex, kirk/spock, kradam, kris/adam, kurt/finn, lady gaga, last.fm, law and order:svu, lord of the rings, luke/leia, mackson, mad men, maine coon cats, mary/dickon, me/your mom, michael/dwight, michael/lindsay, miley/oliver, misha collins, monk, my foot/your ass, nick/joe, olivia/elliot, oprah winfrey, oscar/andy, pam/jim, paris, peter/claire, pippin/merry, politics, ponyboy/johnny, priests, rachel maddow, rachel/will, religion, richie/seth, roadtrips, robert downey jr, ryan/sharpay, sam/dean, scotland, sean/christian, sexuality, sharks, sheldon/penny, shiner boch, slash, slash fanfiction, spencer/carly, star trek, sttng, student/teacher, supernatural, susan/peter, sylar/claire, taylor lautner, teacher/student, the beatles, the cast of glee, the history channel, the jonas brothers, the office, the rolling stones, the simpsons, tom's shoes, tony stark, tumnus/lucy, vince/eric, violet/klaus, wicked, wil wheaton, will/emma, will/rachel, yuengling, zack/slater, zombieland


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